Have you seen those people who do not have any savings to buy cars and apartments but have lot of stories to tell? Well, I am certainly one of them and this is an answer to everyone who has a question whether we should possess things or experiences? What lasts longer? What is worth more? A trip around the world or a lavish car for the whole family?

Sounds Absurd? Right? I mean the answer to the question is of course ‘Things’. But if you think it through, you would remember your experiences more than what you had 5 years back.

To start with, I would say we agree on one point, that, life is very short and we are given a limited amount of time to do anything we want and we certainly cannot do everything we want to.

Being said that, we always tumble to question and always compare to decide that should we take that trip which will cost Rs.40,000 or should I buy that 4K TV which costs same, only difference being is former will last 5 days and later will last for at least 3 years. But what if I tell you, a trip for 5 days is worth more than the latest TV? Would you agree? I hope you do !!

Research shows we cherish experiences more than material things because experiences make us feel which possessing things cannot.

There is a common observation among family and friends that when they feel low, they always see pictures of trips, travel and wish they could live that moment again, but no one looks at iPhone and say ‘Well, I have the best phone so this should make me feel good even it’s old’ because the happiness of buying things lasts for fraction of time compared to the happiness of having some non-materialistic experiences.

What is it about the nature of imagining experiential purchases that’s different from thinking about future material purchases? The most interesting hypothesis is that you can imagine all sorts of possibilities for what an experience is going to be. “There is end number of ways your experience will go” but with material possession, you kind of know what you’re going to get, which makes your material possession limited to a number of ways it could turn out.

The question might arise, so should we just spend all on experiences and not possess the things we want? Well, the answer would not be simple, because that depends on what kind of a person you are. I think the best answer would be to live life with a lot of experiences and little things rather than doing vice versa because, in the end, you are not gonna take things with you, you are gonna need some stories to smile on your death bed.

I would end this article with one beautiful quote “Experiences are only things you buy that makes you richer”



  1. i somewhat agree with you but when you buy material things u alone dnt feel pleasure or happy or fullfilled ,people associated with you your parents your siblings they feel equally happy and enjoy that happiness with you …for an instance : say CAR , if u dnt hav any and you buy it rather spending it on any trip that seems and it actually is worth .. cz everyone feels happy with upgradation of standard of living mainly parents so ya devesh its just about priorities and choices . and it differs from person to person.. though it absolutely true expierences are addon to your persona n materialstic things are addon to your appearance in society.

    P.S – keep writing and make ppl aware of the REALITY

  2. Wow bunny…its so true..most costliest things pleasure us for very few time…but small experiences pleasure us for very long time,u can laugh,remind,share,blush,smile,on ur experiences…it has no depreciation, no fear of safety…more u experience more u grow..

    • Nicely written and thats absolutely true bro… I completely agree with this thought.

  3. surabhi ghate Reply

    Good one friend…. It looks like a little matter to think but it’s really true and actually when we sit and seriously think about this we realize that all that experiences are much more valuable than material things. Thanks for writing such articles that forces us to think on such matters…

  4. Simran Bhatia Reply

    Wow..u totally changed my opinion on the same. U genuinely inspired me to go on adventures, be around good positivity and connect with more and more new people. Loved your thought..!!

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