Well, most of us have heard of this term ‘Gap Year’, but probably we never gave it a deep thought, have we?

Gap year is basically a year where you take a break from your work, study, profession to follow your dreams, bucket list, passions, to live a life you always dreamt of. Sounds stupid, right? Well, maybe not if you think over it.

The life is never ending routine, you are made to study till your graduation in hope of good life ahead; once you are done with graduation, you are ought to take up something as business or job to make your studies/skills worth it. Once you get settled down with your so called ‘routine life’, you are ought to get married and start a new life, and so on, so forth. But where are YOU in this equation? Where are YOUR DREAMS and PASSIONS in all this? Well, maybe if you are lucky, you would be doing a job/businesses where your dreams are aligned to it, but seriously how many of those lucky people are out there? If you are one of them, congratulations !!

But for most of us, we always wants to do things which we are not able to do due to lot of reasons, from society pressure to fit in to financial and family pressures. But what if you can manage some part of your life not doing anything except following your dreams, travelling, having great time? Can you really do it and if yes, what does it takes to do that?

Being from Asia, specially India, this is most stupid thing you can do, because we are brought up in a society where most of our life is for someone else, maybe for our wife/husband/children till certain age and then to take care of old parents. However, if you are young and reading this, you still have a chance to live that “Part” of your life where you are doing everything you ever wanted.

To start, you need a lot of planning and efforts because unlike western countries, “Gap Year” is still hardest thing to do in India. There are very few programs/websites which allows Asian/Indians to take a gap year, and if they do, it comes with a pretty heavy amount. However, following are some of inspirational statistics to take a “Gap Year”.

All you need is support from family, little money and hell lot of guts. If you have these things, you can definitely plan to spend maybe if not whole year, at least few months doing what you love. Maybe travelling, volunteering for NGOs, taking photographs, maybe doing a full time short term leisure courses.

There are two ways you can do this. First, if you can plan yourself with the money you have in your hand for your respective checklist for your gap/break. Second, you can directly buy “Gap year” programs ranging from 2 weeks to 1 year, where organizers will take care of everything from food, accommodation to tasks of your interests. All you need to do is Google “Gap Year Programs” for second option.

I know, this is one of very absurd phenomenon we Indians hear, but trust me, its worth every second of it doing. I would like to end this post with one of my favorite quote.


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