Stories like ours have Happy Endings, at least this is what the fairy tales wants us to believe. During our lives, we face struggles and challenges that we must overcome. We are made to believe that all the problems have an end because of the mind-set of ‘Happily ever after.’ But does this concept work in real life? Do happy endings really exist?

The truth is we are never happy. We buy things. We get bored of those things. We buy new things. Bigger, better, shinier things. Yet we are never happy. In the rush of life, the race to the top, and the perception that happiness is the result of success and materialistic milestones, we often forget that everything we want is right in front of us. Our health, our family, our friends, our societal contributions, our perspective and our gratitude- these are the ingredients for joy. Everything is right here and right now.

The question is what are we doing with what we already have? We all face our own versions of hell and fight with personal Devils. It isn’t the same as Cinderellas evil stepmother or Rapunzel’s Isolated Tower. We face real problems, bigger and that prove to be much worse. We may not have to fight Monsters or slay Dragons, but our enemies are harder to face.

The biggest fact of life is you are not going to be happy all the time. No one ever is. Sometimes you are just going to sort of exist and that’s okay. Our lives aren’t fairy tales. Who says they have to be? Sometimes we don’t want a crown on our head or a chest full of diamonds. Sometimes, all we need is someone to accept us completely, care about us and with whom we can be real without any masks to hide behind. In real world, we don’t have the luxury of Fairy Godmothers, or Seven Dwarfs, or the magic lamp that grants wishes, all we have is what we are. In reality we don’t have magic wands, we just have our abilities, our talents and the passion to excel each day. And really, that’s all we need. Life challenges us in every way.

Happiness and Happy Endings aren’t easy to come by but if it were, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Stories like ours do have Happy Endings, only if we want to. Well, actually it all depends where we end..!!


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