My 25th birthday was very special for me, not because I had this grand party or celebrated in a grand way, but because this birthday made me think a lot about life, age, marriage, career, happiness and much more. This is my personal experience and I truly believe it will relate with lot of people from this age group. Please read below what i have realized and if you agree with me or not?

Following are things which i realized being 25.

You are financially independent

Maybe not everyone, but most people at 25 are financially independent and have lot more scope to make financial choices, set financial policies, secure themselves with different insurances products. This gives us lot of scope to shape our self financially.

Also, this changes us very much behaviorally, because before this age, when we are not truly independent financially, we tend to follow what our friends do, what our seniors say, but now, you research and take decisions because its your hard earned money !!

You are emotionally overwhelmed

Be it your breakup, be it your failing career, your best friends getting separated or something which has touched you emotionally. There will be something which you have been through and it has overwhelmed you.

This changes your perception that nothing is permanent, what you planned in your graduation might be something totally opposite if you had to plan that today. The reason is you have changed with all those years and emotions. Maybe because you were free bird 5 years ago and could plan world trip does not really make sense today because you are barely saving money for your marriage. This does take an emotional toll on us.


You have been through physical change a lot

At your teenage years, or in your college years, maybe you never cared about your body, diet, what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat but now you think about those things seriously. You start worrying about your weight, your looks  because you think this is your youth and you should have amazing physic with perfect shape, perfect weight and other physical factors, which actually changes you a lot as a person. You might skip lot of your favorite food over the desire to be fit.

Few years back, you have not even thought what food has how much calories, but now you might be walking encyclopedia !!

You realize you have lot more coming very soon

Maybe a responsibility of buying new home, maybe pressure of getting married soon, maybe taking loan for your siblings education. There is a lot of pressure on you at this age, because you have just entered a age where most times you are hot topic in your family.

You are in spot light for most things, because now your parents, society wants you to be accountable and again that changes you, makes you mature and makes you think twice of what you do in your life !!

There are end number of things which change at this age and I hope I have covered few, but I am open to learn from you guys what more do you think gets changed at 25.



  1. This is absolutely brilliant. It’s eloquent and beautifully crafted Devesh Golani :). In addition, we should know that life is too short to worry all the time.The cave you fear to enter, now holds the treasure that you seek.

  2. Manish Chhetia Reply

    Way to go bro! Amazingly written. That was straight from the heart.
    Keep posting your experiences with your loved one’s. Love you !

  3. Umesh Tayade Reply

    I would like to add more….
    When you turn 25
    1] You learn how to choose your friends wisely, and that it’s not possible to keep them all.
    2] You know that your parents are cooler now than they were ten years ago.
    3] You know the importance of saying no.
    4] You know how great it is to leave home and see the world.

  4. Gordhan Golani Reply

    you write specific and to the point Good observation and vision of life

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