Have you been in a situation where you tried to replace someone by doing exact same things with different person but you failed? Well, we all have ! But what do you get in result? No satisfaction, and do you wonder why?

Because people are conversations, people are defined by how they do conversations, what they talk, how they gloriously explain their dreams, how they put their point in front of you, how they respect your thoughts even if they don’t align well. Everything above makes us who we are.

I know there is lot more in a person than conversation like their personality, clothing, style which makes them who they are, but if you come to think of it, at the end of day, with what do you really fall? Is it just cloths, style, cars, money or conversations ? Because simply whatever a person is, only way to know more about him is by knowing his thoughts turned into words.

Perhaps, conversation is not just random talking, it is lot more than that, because talking can be done with anyone, but then why you don’t like everyone? Because conversation is an art which not everyone possess which makes us to be more with those who have mastered this art. Else, why would you pay huge money to be with counselors, motivators, shrinks if they didn’t had art to make you listen to them and moreover influence your thoughts, actions.

The huge part of any successful person is what they speak and with whom, because conversations have power to change your thoughts which impact your actions leading to different results in your life. You might have heard that person A was a failure, but after getting a mentor, same person became successful, no doubt the actions were changed, but what changed them? Right Conversations with Right People !! Many times, in our life, we have been able to pass through our hardest times because there were correct conversations in our life which made us think towards positive hopes !

Love, Memes, and Connected: I like deep thinkers. I don't like to have normal conversations with people. I love learning about what makes them who they are. Their thoughts. Views. Who is important to them. What is important to them. A real connection.

Also, have you wondered why do we explore people even when most of times they have same human body/status/culture, because we crave for variety, and hunger for variety never dies, which gets satisfied only when you listen different kinds of conversations in form of thoughts/experiences which probably makes life very interesting for most of us !

We should try to observe this next time we meet someone, it would make our life more interesting, if we perceive people as conversations ! ย Please leave a comment with your input/thoughts because you, my friend, is a different conversation for me ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Rajendra Singh Rohra Reply

    Article is really good, it show the deep thought.

  2. I think I came across this blog at the right time of my life, where I could really understand it.
    People connect with the conversation they have and the moments they spend.

    It’s written soo beautifully that I can really feel it what you want us to feel ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Indeed we are connected to people through conversations. And more I liked about this article is it emphasizes that people should be rated on the basis of there thoughts more than there status, clothing, beautiful faces etc. By doing this it will make this world a better place. Because at the end every other thing fades except our thinking vision.
    I really appreciate the topic you have choosed. Great Article I have came across and you have so fueled it with cotton candy words. Overall this article is totally consumed by love. Thanks for being the inspiration.

  4. Manish Chhetia Reply

    Indeed thats true to the core !! Any learning happens through a conversation, conversation builds your deeper connection.Any friend you like its basically a conversation at a backend, I believe even love happens through a conversation ,a deeper conversation build the deeper connection and thus an attachment.Keep motivating bro,you are an inspiration to many ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

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