This is not a travel post like my other usual posts but i think this is something important everyone should read. I would say this is more of an interesting perception to see things rather than philosophy. It is not something which everyone would agree but here are my thoughts on it.

Have you ever wondered that why people leave when you gave your 200%? I bet you did atleast once and you are not alone, almost everyone is life have felt this way sometimes.

Ironic to  me asking question in previous paragraph, even I don’t have all the answers but i want you to think that life is like a journey in train where everyone around is a passenger like you and have different destinations and are with you only for some common stations. Now some might outlive others just because they have longer similar journey as yours but not the same destination. So in the end, they will alight when their station comes.

This applies to everyone in our life, even our parents, siblings and other close people. They are going to get down at their own stations and not gonna be able to give you company till the end. And that’s a fact everyone tries to avoid.

I think no one is at fault when people don’t match anymore like they did before because everyday we change, and so do our destinations. Again, think like you wanted to go somewhere and you were giving company to someone in train but you suddenly thought you have to meet someone more important and you change your destination in mid way and you alight early than expected. That’s how we change everyday taking input from our surroundings, beliefs, society and lot more sources even we are unaware off. And increasingly it has been quiet difficult to stay same after lot of dynamic changes in your life everyday. Lot of dynamic new options every day, in humans and things.

I think most important thing we can do as a passenger is enjoy our time to fullest with your co-passengers because irrespective of your best, they might get down earlier or later than you which you can never know before hand.

So always be very fortunate for all those people who were with you even for few stations, or who are there with you from beginning. Because once they are gone, you cannot stop your journey to find them again and even if you found them again, they are not the same anymore.

Life is short and we have many co-passengers in our journey, some are for short time and some very long, but in the end people leave and that’s okay because that creates place for new co-passengers. Life is all in the journey and not destination.

Being said that, i am very fortunate to have people who have always been there on my side and i am also very fortunate to have met those people who were there for some time in my life and have left now. For all it matters, everyone is a great lesson and no one is waste of time.

Please share your thoughts and feedback in comments, as i said, everyone is a lesson and i might learn a thing or two from you. 🙂



  1. Manish Chhetia Reply

    Exactly its all about the journey not the destination, a very good read indeed bro !

  2. Saloni Peswani Reply

    Well said..Nice blog ! I agree with your point , we meet people for a reason, there is some purpose to be fulfilled. Eventually all things fall into place..All dots will connect one day !

  3. Vipul Thawait Reply

    In this journey of life, people who are stuck in a station, waiting for someone are those having a pure heart and are actually good people. But they need to know that this adventure of life doesn’t stops here! They need to move on.

    Truth has been spoken. I personally respect your views on this topic. It was a good read indeed! Please share your views on some other ideology. Waiting for your next write up!

  4. People leave and that’s ok..for some we r passenger who leaves the train first to meet other imp person but some passenger makes case turn upside short self mistake can make other person leav as well…anyway..very good thought..

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