So, thinking about problems made me realize a lot of things recently and I am super excited to share my views with you all.

I think most of our problems lies in Imagination and not in reality, now, I know, most of you reading this would say, NO! But come to think of it about your problems, are those really outside even if they are logically outside in reality?

I know it all sounds metaphoric, but combining my personal experience with people I talk to, most times the root of life happening around us is in our mind, is in our conversations, is in our thoughts, is in our actions and clubbing all those makes us who we are and attracts what we have in our surroundings.

Simple example would suffice my thoughts. Take anyone who is inspiration, who is legend and watch what they say, what they do. Off course, there were problems which were external for them too, but what changed that? Not magic but Imagination and efforts, and clearly people put efforts in actions only if they believe they are worth it!

You would have seen around that most of times people get what they most fear of. I think that is because the imagination in the mind is so strong of that thought, irrespective of they want it or not.

In the end, our imagination plays a huge role in the way we live our life.

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I would also like to emphases that being said everything, I understand it’s very hard to just implement this type of thoughts instantly or believe on it while you are under stress or maybe not in the zone I am in, but trust me, your thinking is just a start for all your solutions.

I never market anyone because I get some returns or money, so when I recommend to someone, I really believe in it, and being said that, please research programs/ videos by Christie Marie Sheldon, because the programs she have are really unique where she explains how our energies initiated by our thought process actually change the physical environment around us.

This is a very short post, but I wanted to post about this and it’s been really long that I have not posted anything. I would love to hear your comments/views/suggestions on this topic, maybe your real world experiences in the comments.

P.S – Please don’t mind my capabilities of writing in correct grammar – These are just thoughts jotted down while being drunk πŸ˜‰



  1. Really Nice Devesh. It feels great to read your posts each time as they have something so genuine about it.

  2. Pooja Rajwani Reply

    Its simply awesome, meaningfull and worth to read. Keep it up frnd.πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Well expressed…. ignorance is the only problem . Actually its not a problem if you are not aware of yours …but if you are then everyone has a right to choose in life. As they say discomfort is inevitable but suffering is a choice!

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