In these modern times, it seems complicated to find, establish deep, meaningful relationships, and even more challenging to maintain them. There are numerous cultural variables, innovation, and internet-based life that makes only keeping up connections one-hundred times tougher than it ought to be!

While relationships could give you a profound sense of being loved and care for, some end up severely hurting both the parties involved unwillingly and the majority of times, this is due to expectations people have from each other.

That is the reason I think ‘Relationships are much like Rental Agreements’.

The whole thought of dating is to investigate conceivable outcomes. It requires some investment to become more acquainted with somebody who passed the “best foot forward” stage. As couples hang out, stories are shared, inclinations revealed and after some time barriers are brought down. And this openness of ideas and to let-go makes them have better luck at finding deeper connections.

There is no particular recipe for a relationship, and regardless of whether you hold your character or turn slave, there are no assurances of an eternity. The actuality is we are all on a human excursion and our connections need to improve that venture.

Life isn’t tied in with meeting an individual, wedding, having children, having grandchildren, and passing on. There is quite a lot more to life and connections are just a piece of life, which improves one’s journey of life if you indulge in healthy relationships, be it romantic or otherwise.

Know that there are no returns on your Investment!

Don’t stretch it just because you have invested much energy into it!

Spending a cheerful month, an upbeat year or a glad 10 years with an individual is no motivation to bear a lifetime of despondency post real factors evolving. There is no law or rationale that says you need to persevere through 50 awful years since you had 5 great years.

Individuals need to smoothly recognize when things have run their course and no longer work for what’s to come. It is anything but an individual defect or disappointment or dismissal, it’s about elements changing, needs changing and a dream of things to come evolving.

Enabling connections include common reliance, love, care, and sharing. Once you set aside and make an effort to sincerely mend it and it’s still not working then you must proceed onward.

Investments in a relationship are never a waste, instead, they are the fees one pays for gaining such experiences!

Finally, understanding that relationships are not investments, they are rents paid for the experiences you have. I have heard from a lot of people who feel bad stating that they did so much for their partners and now they are not even with them, so what was the point of all that? I also hear a lot of people say that I invested my time, energy, money, and pour my heart for someone but If I am not with them anymore then that is a waste.

Well, I disagree!

Because of whatever time, money, efforts you invested, you already got returns in the shape of experiences you had with your partner, the laughter you had with your partner, the love you felt with your partner, the magic things you both did together. These beautiful things were all the returns you got already. Relationships are ongoing things, so you cannot expect future returns for present investment. It’s like you wanna eat up for the next week and then just focus on your work. Eating is a daily input to your body to produce output for the same day, and so is any relationship.

It is basically like renting a place, you cherish it, you can get your mails there, everyone can visit you, you can have your family over, but that happens as long as you pay your rent on time. The month you don’t pay your rent, everyone stated above becomes a risk to lose. And after a couple of months of not paying your rent, you finally lose everything you could do with your rented house.

Now, however, attached or close you were with your rented house, or however much you invested in it, you can’t do anything about it anymore, now can you?. But do you blame the house later? No! because you know that you cannot have it unless you keep paying the rent.

Similarly, Relationships are just to be cherished when you are living in it, only like you rent a place, and even after living in it for years, you never own them and cannot have assurances!

So Cherish all the people you have in your life everyday like its the last day and if the last ever comes, it won’t be a regret for not loving someone enough!


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