Even after so many things being wrong in our life, our life is perfect in its own imperfections. There are so many things around us for which we cannot be thankful enough. Your life is someone else’s fairy tale, but do you take a moment to realize this and show gratitude? Well, even if you do, you should do it more because..

Due to the recent events amidst COVD-19 (Coronavirus), it is clear that we are in a very bad phase where people are dying in big numbers almost every hour. This is sad and heartbreaking, however, this time has a treasure of lessons to observe and learn for whoever survives and goes forward.

What struck me is a fact that the value of life is very very different depending on the country/place they are born due to several factors. I think as important commodities like electricity, natural gas, oil, etc, our life is no different, in fact, life can be a very dynamic valuable commodity depending on its abundance.