If you are following me on Facebook, you would have probably already seen my 21 Days Travel Challenge. If not, I would take this opportunity to list down those 21 posts which are truly close to my heart and also some of the craziest experiences I ever had. This post is close to my heart because this is kind of a journal of my memories which I will always cherish! The following was my Excerpt of the Challenge:

To spread some happiness and love, I have started my 21 Days Challenge. Every day, I will post a picture with someone whom I have met in my travel journey around the world and what I learned from them. I will try to tag them if I am connected with them on Facebook. I will pick random pictures from random countries. No sequence or Agenda.

So I will go ahead and list down all 21 Posts with just tiny bit of information to get you excited and to make you read the whole post. If you are reading this, I would really feel cool if you also left a comment with your thoughts.