If you are following me on Facebook, you would have probably already seen my 21 Days Travel Challenge. If not, I would take this opportunity to list down those 21 posts which are truly close to my heart and also some of the craziest experiences I ever had. This post is close to my heart because this is kind of a journal of my memories which I will always cherish! The following was my Excerpt of the Challenge:

To spread some happiness and love, I have started my 21 Days Challenge. Every day, I will post a picture with someone whom I have met in my travel journey around the world and what I learned from them. I will try to tag them if I am connected with them on Facebook. I will pick random pictures from random countries. No sequence or Agenda.

So I will go ahead and list down all 21 Posts with just tiny bit of information to get you excited and to make you read the whole post. If you are reading this, I would really feel cool if you also left a comment with your thoughts.

Day 1 – Country: Bhutan – Jan 2019

Story about how I came to Know about Bhutan’s Free Medical Treatment for everyone, when my friend got sick and we had to rush to Hospital.


Day 2 – Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE – Jan 2017

Amazing Story about my Dubai trip when I stayed at someone’s place I had only met online and it turned out to be one of the best hospitality I ever got!


Day 3 – Country: Taiwan – Nov 2019

A story about the importance of making friends around the world. Because I made Taiwanese friend in Paris, which later helped me a lot in Taiwan for best local trips ever!


Day 4 – Country: Thailand – May 2016

Huge learning about the life of clowns and what they go through in life on an everyday basis!


Day 5 – Country: Turkey – March 2019

A Crazy story breaking all stereotypes because I met two Pakistani’s and they become my best friends over the trip! An amazing write up pouring my heart out


Day 6 – Country: Vietnam – November 2018

Story about the time when I learned to eat with Chopsticks from Korean Girl in Vietnam! What a Twist!


Day 7 – Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands – December 2018

My Craziest New year in Amsterdam and when I met someone with same tattoo!


Day 8 – Country: Paris, France – Feb 2019

Made my first French Friend which shows language is just an excuse!


Day 9 – Country: Denmark – Feb 2019

I realised and learned that getting information about any country from a local (born and raised there) and a Resident/Immigrant is so different because the things we talk or benefits we discuss are always compared with the home country.


Day 10 – Country: Norway – Feb 2019

I learned that traveling makes us super open to learn about other cultures/continents and countries and find a way to work together on common grounds! Something which only traveling makes you learn quickly.


Day 11 – Country: Mauritius – May 2018

We realised that Paradise is not made just by beautiful landscapes but also how people behave as a whole in a country and when these both things meet, it creates Paradise!


Day 12 – Country: Bali, Indonesia – July 2018

My Tour Guide Henni taught me that friendship can be really a beautiful thing across borders and with the right emotions, bonds can be stronger even if you have met someone for a short time! She also taught me how to be a selfless person and do your work because you love your work and not only because of the money it provides!


Day 13 – Country: Da Nang, Vietnam – December 2018

After I met this couple from Canada, I learned that being an Indian or from Third World Country, if you have been to even few countries, it should not go unappreciated, because, for us, travelling is not just buying a ticket and leaving.


Day 14 – Country: Sweden – March 2019

I learned that if you dig deep in the culture or traditions of any country, the whole world has given something back to humanity and it is so fascinating to know these things firsthand because they make you think as a Global Citizen rather than part of just specific land called ‘Country’!


Day 15 – Country: Dubai, UAE – December 2016

I learned that sometimes solo traveling can be a real turning point for your perceptions because you meet people around the world at one place and nothing else can give you that privilege! Also, I learned that traveling should be more of in-depth enjoyment of something even if its less than coverage of too many things!


Day 16 – Country: Cambodia – December 2018

I learned that sometimes being too judgemental without even knowing someone is not really good for making new friends; meaning you can be safe but still talk a bit with people to decide if you really want to go further or not!


Day 17 – Country: Taiwan – October 2019

I learned so much about performers who work on the cruise line and how their life is! About good parts and bad, both! I learned so many interesting and fun facts that I always remember now. I also learned that sometimes your profession makes you so happy to go, lucky person, because you get that amazing art to interact with anyone, converse with everyone correctly and know about people quickly!


Day 18 – Country: Australia – December 2008

This was my first country to visit at the age of 16, but more interestingly, I was almost lost in train once with no internet and gps (This is pre-facebook era)


Day 19 – Country: Thailand – May 2016


Day 20 – Country: Bali, Indonesia – July 2018

One of my craziest experiences of life where I was almost drunk married to this girl from Austria and we called our families to declare that too 😛


Day 21 – Country: Egypt – March 2018

I learned that if you plan your trips in a way where you meet people from other places, then you not only learn about the place you are exploring but also about other places while making friends from all over the world! Who knows you might already make a great friend from a country where you would be going next!



Please post your thoughts/comments/suggestions and I would be happy to interact!


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