We Indians Love Goa, don’t we? Off course we do, who would not love beaches and cheap beer filled with lot of adventures. But what if you have just a weekend to enjoy and can’t afford time to go back and forth to Goa? Well, you can always go Daman if you stay in Mumbai/Pune or nearby.

Daman makes it close enough for Goa due to lot of reasons, majorly for beach and cheep alcohol. Daman and Diu comes under Union Territory.

A union territory is a type of administrative division in the Republic of India. Unlike the states, which have their own elected governments, union territories are ruled directly by the Union Government (Central Government), hence the name “union territory“.

Hence, the alcohol rates differ from other states and are at par with Goa.

About Daman

Daman is divided by the Daman Ganga River into two parts, namely Nani-daman (Nani meaning “small”) and Moti-daman (Moti meaning “big”). Ironically, Nani-daman is the larger of the two towns. It is the downtown area that holds most of the important entities like the major hospitals, supermarkets and major residential areas. While Moti-daman is mainly the old city inhabited. You will find all the great places in Nani-Daman as a tourist.

How to Reach Daman ?

By Air
Flights are easily available for Daman from the nearby cities of Mumbai (170km) and Baroda (300 km). Daily flights of Gujarat State Airlines connect the place to these cities. The local airport of Daman is located in the Nani Daman (Little Daman) area and has all the amenities for tourists traveling to the city. The nearest international airport is located in Mumbai.

By Rail
The nearest railhead for getting to Daman is at Vapi, located around 12 km away. It lies on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route of the Western railway and is about 170 km from Mumbai and 90 km from Surat. Major Delhi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Ahmedabad bound trains halt at this station. People traveling to Daman by train can get down at the Vapi and then reach Daman by local buses, taxis or tongas.

By Road
Daman is easily accessible by road, and is connected to some of the major cities nearby, with a well-maintained system of roadways. Vapi at a distance of 12 km, lies on the Bombay-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8 and is easily connected to Daman by road. The town is 170 km from Mumbai, 360 km from Ahmedabad and 768 km from Diu, 110 km from Surat and 300 km from Baroda.

What to Explore in Daman?

Like Goa, you can head to beach shacks and have a great leisure time or optionally can enjoy water sports for very nominal prices. There are only two commercial beaches i.e. Devka Beach and Jampore Beach. Jampore beach is more happening and have lot of options for shacks, horse-tanga’s, water sports. Wherever, Devka beach is okay to relax and have your peace time without much crowd.

Both being different in own ways, its worth to explore both the beaches if time permits.

Where to Stay in Daman?

You will find many places to stay, all located in Nani-Daman. Like everywhere, it depends what budget do you have on staying. You can always look on Goibibo and booking.com for nice deals of Daman. Interestingly, Hotels are situated only in Nani-Daman and no hotels are allowed in Moti-Daman.

If you are interested in villa stay for great prices starting from just Rs.3500/-, then you can stay at Summer House located opposite to Jazira Hotel in Nani Daman.

The high end hotels in Daman include Sea Rock Inn and Deltin as well.



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