It is very unrealistic to say that we don’t fall for disagreements for every third thing we talk or see around us, but how many of us can disagree for something without insulting or overpowering someone? I think not many of us because disagreement is an art !!

I think disagreeing is an art because mostly our relationships, friendships are much more important than our disagreements, and if we do not know how to handle those, then we put our relationships at stake.

The magic in the world is all because everyone is different and unique in its own, if there would not be different perceptions, we would be bored to death a long time ago because it would be no fun or learning’s if everyone agrees on the same thing and everyone disagrees on the same thing, but what creates real magic in this world is that one person can totally think different from another person and still go on with his life without any problems.

Also, many times, we ourselves have different perceptions from time to time, in other words, we disagree with our current beliefs with beliefs we had 5 years ago. So, clearly it can be proved, that power is not with the thought, power is with the thought relative to time.

If you think of it, everyone is having a different time of their life due to age, opportunities, choices and every that thing which makes us unique. So it is very likely that there will always be different perceptions of the same things for different people.

However, just keeping your own point and not listening to the opposite person will never help you in disagreement, because that becomes overpowering the opposite person, not a respected disagreement.

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So I think the best way to practice this art is to continue disagreeing wherever we usually do, but also make sure that you listen to the opposite person equally and also know what loss do you have if you both disagree.

Because many times, it is not worth to lose beautiful relationships over disagreements.

For me, the best way to disagree on anything is to make my point justified, listen to the opposite person’s perception and then mainly considering the impact on our life of that disagreement.

So I think we should always decide the priority between the importance of argument and its impact vs the impact on a relationship and its consequences.

Following is a very funny image showing exactly what I am trying to say:

Robust Knowledge Requires Both Consensus and Disagreement.”

If you see this image, you will realize that no one is wrong, but no one is right either. What we usually do in these situations? We just keep trying to prove that we are right, but there are other ways to handle this situation by having conversations where you disagree but you also say the reason behind it, so maybe the other person walks in your shoes and realize that you were not wrong either!

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