If you are planning to travel & hope to spend less money, you will most likely be planning on spending some time in hostels. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel earlier, the prospect of them can be slightly daunting.

With the experience of almost all kinds of accommodation from 40 countries, I think it is essential to share how amazing some hostels can change your life!

This article covers each element you could need to know about what hostels or party hostels are like, what to expect from them, and how they work.

First Things First! What are Hostels?

Hostels are a type of low-budget shared accommodation that helps your travel budget go further. When a traveller books a bed to a hostel, he/she typically book a bed for the night, not a room. The guest’s bed may be in a room with other travellers or a room with up four to twenty travellers. In short, the hostel focuses on a shared social experience.

Advantage of staying in Hostels:

1.  Hostels are cost-effective travel accommodations, compared to a hotel.

2. Travel in groups, staying in hostels allows everyone to share large rooms, especially when you plan a group vacation, & eliminates the arguments over who shares rooms.

3. Located globally, you can find hostels in most major cities.

4. Most have fully loaded Kitchens if you want to save cash during your travels by preparing your food by self-cooking.  

5. Breakfast Served; most hostels include a free breakfast. Some hotels have paid options as well. 

6. Offer Fun Movements, There is constantly something fun following at hostels, from outings to parties, so it will help you not to become bored.

7. Meet Interesting People from over the World; If you like to make new friends, they will also want to hear from you, so be ready to share.

8. The security offered, most hostels generally have a strict policy of not allowing outsiders at the hostel to go inside. If you still in worry for safety, many hostels do offer safes to lock up your valuables.

9. Each One Is Unique and different. They all have something unique than another hostel.

Disadvantages of Staying at a Hostel

1. Lack of Privacy – If you share your room with up to 20 people, many of whom may not care that they have roommates who desire privacy. 

2. Bathrooms for Each Floor – Hostel bathrooms/showers are old simple-style, one bathroom on each floor, just like in college bathrooms/showers. Very few hostels offer private baths/showers.

3. Staff Is Limited – Hostels may have limited staff. So if you misplace your room key while having a night out in the city, there is a possibility you will not be ready to get into your place when it’s time to call it a night.

4. Some Have a Curfew – Some hostel has an in-out policy. If you came late, the security gate would be closed after a specific time; you were stuck out on the streets for the night.

5. Risk of Theft – Because you will be in a shared room, your belongings are at risk of being stolen by other fellows or hostel staff. If you got a locker or safe, it would help you to minimize risk.

6. Might Not Know Roommates – In one hostel room, approximately 4-20 travelers are there; you may be sharing a room with strangers. It means you might not know them.

7. Sketchy Neighborhoods – Some hostels, especially in the city area, are found on streets near vacant buildings downtown. The places are comfortable but can make travelers feel a little afraid at night time.

8. Old Buildings – Some hostels located in old buildings; it means the elevators may malfunction; the air conditioning may be nonexistent. In the cold periods of winter, you’ll want to pack multiple sweaters to use as a layer.

9. Basic Furnishings – The lack of decorating is, in part, why hostels can remain so inexpensive. They are mostly with simple furnishing.

What is a party hostel?

A party hostel is similar to any other hostel. It has dorm rooms, which is cost-effective, and attracts a more youthful crowd of travelers, Party hostels, however, are aimed at travelers who want to experience the nightlife in a place, as well as the cultural & historical sites.

Advantages of party hostels:

Friends are practically given to you. This is the most significant appeal of party hostels. If you’re travelling solo, then there’s no simpler point to make companions than drunk, friendly people. It’s not hard to make companions at party hostels.

Free drinks are pretty common

In Party hostels, free drinks are ubiquitous. No more reliable way to get the party began than settling out free drinks. 

They already acknowledge the best places to go out normally, the people serving at party hostels are fun-loving locals or longer-tenured tourists. Working at a hostel normally requires a good awareness of the city.

You usually get good deals / free drinks at the bars also. A lot of backpacker bars rely primarily on crowds of drunk backpackers coming in on a hostel pub crawl, so they will give off as much free alcohol as it leads to getting you to come to spend money there. 

Drawbacks of party hostels:

Sleep? Wishful thinking.

You’d be fortunate to get more than four hours at any provided night at a party hostel. On the bright side, everyone’s usually quite a hangover the following day so you can all take afternoon naps together in silence.

They usually pinch out on another aspect

The focus of a party hostel is certainly on partying. Most people that come to stay at party hostels come to the party. If there is one thing drunk people are good at, it is sleeping anyplace & snoring loudly. 

I personally have met some of the coolest people in Party Hostels around the world because the design of the hostels are so happening that its impossible for you to not have a good time.

Let me know if you have any experiences to share from your trips in comment section.


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